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NAESCO Advocacy Initiatives

Our advocacy work focuses on policy and business issues under consideration by state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies. Our three broad advocacy objectives include:

  • Ensuring the continued funding and political support for key federal, state and utility-administered ESPC programs,
  •  Advocating for utility and state energy efficiency incentives that enhance ESCO projects in states with major ESCO markets, and
  • Promoting the adoption and use of state and utility energy savings monitoring and verification (M&V) rules and protocols that are workable and that recognize the full value that customers realize from ESCO projects.

Our 2017 advocacy working list follows:

  • In late December, 2016, FEMP announced that federal agencies had exceeded President Obama’s $4 billion goal with $4.2 billion of booked projects. NAESCO is working to ensure that the Trump Administration will reinforce this ongoing federal waste reduction program by issuing a new Executive Order for a minimum of another $2 billion of projects that focuses on both water and energy efficiency.
  • Make the advocacy case that federal and state/local government performance contracting programs are good examples of the type of public-private partnerships that the Trump Administration as well as the states should promote to revitalize critical US infrastructure.
  • Continue to defend the industry against potentially damaging state performance contracting legislation, and work assiduously in two precedent-setting states of California and New York to assure that multi-year proceedings to re-vamp energy efficiency programs and utility regulation offer new opportunities for ESCOs.
  • Rework, expand, and re-deploy the 179d tax deduction beyond the end of 2016 when it expired.
  • Streamline HUD EPC project development and approval procedures.

See our latest Advocacy Report - Summer 2018

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