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NAESCO Membership

Key Accomplishments


NAESCO has firmly established itself as the national voice of the ESCO industry through its national and regional advocacy efforts.


NAESCO has taken a leadership role in national coalitions to promote new federal funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy and to work with the US Department of Energy and other federal agencies to accelerate the ESPC project award pipeline and to expand ESPC at federal facilities.

Selected 2008 Accomplishments:

  • Worked with national coalitions to secure about $40 billion of funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
  • Initiated a new working group comprised of NAESCO, the Federal Performance Contracting Coalition, and the Alliance to Save Energy's Government Energy Leadership Action Team Task Force to coordinate the lobbying message to accelerate ESPC investment across the government and maximize the effectiveness of lobbying efforts.
  • Participated in national coalitions that are seeking to use pending federal Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard/Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard and Greenhouse Gas legislation to establish and promote large-scale national energy efficiency programs.


NAESCO closely monitors the states' activities to ensure its members' interests are represented when states consider legislation regarding energy efficiency policies or design energy efficiency programs.

Selected 2008 Accomplishments:

  • Participated in the development of Future Capacity Markets in New England and PJM that will open new funding sources for large amounts of energy efficiency and demand response and in the program planning for the use of proceeds from the nation's first greenhouse gas auction (RGGI) in New York.
  • Worked to develop new ESCO-friendly utility energy efficiency programs in MA, NY, NJ, PA, MD, MI, IL, OK and FL. Conducted EPC training in PA, IL, MI and HI.
  • Worked with coalitions of national and regional organizations to modify Duke Energy's proposed Save-a-Watt programs in South Carolina, North Carolina and Indiana.
  • Participating in multiple California Public Utility Commission proceedings that will determine the scope of the 2009-2011 utility EE programs. Proceedings include strategic planning, savings goals, EM&V protocol development, solar and renewable energy incentives and 2009-2011 cycle program plan development. Succeeded in obtaining the California Public Utilities Commission's approval of bridge funding thus avoiding any interruption in the key programs delivered by ESCOs.

Business Development

NAESCO provides marketing and business development opportunities for its members.

Selected 2008 Accomplishments:

  • Federal Market Workshop attracted over 100 participants including senior civilian and military contracting and procurement managers
  • Chicago area technical workshop on green buildings attracted close to 100 regional industry participants
  • 25th Annual Conference attracted close to 200 senior executives from ESCOs, energy efficiency contractors, utilities, financial institutions, building management organizations, and universities.
  • NAESCO created the curriculum and held training programs for state facility managers and program managers in 4 different states attracting over 350 total attendees.
  • Hosted a Green Jobs Fair in New York attracting 150 job seekers.

Industry Information

NAESCO offers authoritative information on the energy efficiency industry.

Selected 2008 Accomplishments:

  • Released in conjunction with LBNL a report entitled, "Performance Contracting and Energy Efficiency in the State Government Market".
  • Released a report entitled, "NAESCO Analysis of Non-Energy Benefits of Efficiency Retrofits for ESCOs and ESCO Customers".
  • Released in conjunction with ICF International a report entitled, "ENERGY STAR Performance Contracting Best Practices".