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As energy costs rise and become more volatile and as the infrastructure and distribution limits of our current power generation capacity are being reached, energy efficiency needs to be viewed as the “First Fuel”.

Federal Advocacy

Climate change issues, concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and rising energy prices have compelled the private sector and the U.S. public to urge the Federal government to do more to proactively address these matters. NAESCO primarily focuses on the following areas:

  • Federal Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)
    Working with Congress and Federal agencies to ensure that performance contracting remains an integral part of reducing energy consumption within the Federal government.
  • Energy Legislation
    Working to ensure that measures encouraging the accelerated use of energy efficiency resources and mandating energy demand reduction are central to Federal energy legislation and are appropriately translated into guidelines and practices by the regulatory agencies.
  • Green Jobs
    Ensuring that legislation provides funding to accelerate the creation of green jobs through education and training of workers.

State Advocacy

NAESCO works with the states to enact laws, craft regulations, and implement energy policies and programs that are fair, open, and competitive, and that deliver substantial, measurable energy savings. Our state advocacy efforts primarily focus on:

  • Market Building
    • Promoting energy efficiency as a complement to new power plant construction
    • Working to ensure that the new demand-side “bidding” and “demand response” programs are as ESCO-friendly as possible.
  • System Benefit Charge Funding Management
    NAESCO works to ensure energy efficiency projects continue to be funded through System Benefit Charge (SBC) programs. As a result of NAESCO's continuous advocacy efforts, ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs around the country currently spend nearly $2 billion per year.
  • State-Specific Energy Efficiency Programs and Business Issues
    NAESCO participates in several states to help design effective energy efficiency programs and to address ESCO business issues. Typically NAESCO works to facilitate the following objectives:
    • Adoption of State Building Programs that encourage energy efficiency as a cornerstone of all business envelope requirements
    • Ensuring the design of transparent, equitable, and economically attractive Energy Efficiency Programs
    • Implementation of an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard/Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards that include meaningful requirements for the use of energy efficiency resources.

For more information on NAESCO's State Advocacy activities visit State Policy Priorities.