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Profile of OpTerra Energy Services, a subsidiary of ENGIE

Contact: John Mahoney
Title: CEO
Location: Oakland, CA
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OpTerra Energy Services, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is an engineering company that has been developing energy solutions for a variety of customers since 1974. OpTerra’s efficiency and sustainability solutions provide immediate and meaningful impact to education, local government, commercial, industrial and institutional organizations. Solutions developed, engineered and implemented by OpTerra save money, enhance safety, improve assets and protect the environment. In January of 2016 OpTerra joined the ENGIE family of businesses in North America. ENGIE is recognized as a global leader in energy and is present in 70 countries and employs over 152,900 people. OpTerra was added to ENGIE’s North American portfolio of companies to enhance its energy services offering which currently includes services such as onsite facility operations and maintenance, bill aggregation, data analytics, power production and retail energy sales. OpTerra can now offer our customers a much broader energy solutions set by leveraging the people and resources at ENGIE. Together we will build a cleaner, more innovative energy future in North America.