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National Association of Energy Service Companies

Policy Priorities

Federal - 3rd Quarter 2008


  • Working with the Federal Performance Contracting Coalition (FPCC) and GELAT to develop specific recommendations for Congress and the Administration regarding the need for accelerated ESPC investment across the government and to co-ordinate the lobbying campaign on key issues.
  • Participating in national coalitions that are seeking to develop provisions in the pending federal RPS/EPS and Greenhouse Gas legislation to promote large-scale national energy efficiency programs.
  • Working with several national energy efficiency initiatives, including the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, Clinton Climate Change and the National Governors Association Securing a Clean Energy Future, to promote the use of performance contracting.
  • Working to convince industrial customers in several key states that Standard Offer performance contract programs are beneficial for them and for the whole utility system.
  • Promoting state PC programs, in conjunction with ESC. . NAESCO is drafting model legislation and regulations, as well as scheduling performance contract training programs across the country.

Research and Development, Supported by US DOE and US EPA

  • Participating in continued research on the US ESCO market in conjunction with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab using DOE grant monies. Focus in 2008 on documenting the current size and potential of the state buildings performance contract marketplace. Next report, due out in October 2008, will document the status of energy efficiency in state buildings and highlight states whose policies and produce superior results.
  • Developing a standardized new M&V protocol for O&M and Capital Cost Avoidance savings that is acceptable to ESCOs and a wide range of customers. Have organized an Advisory Committee of ESCOs, and are currently recruiting customer members for the Advisory Committee. Working with the Evaluation Advisory Group that is formulating the EM&V standards for the new utility EE programs in New York and the Northeast Regional EMV Forum, which is trying to develop standardized EM&V protocols for the utility, ISO and RTO EE and DR programs in the Northeast region.
  • Continuing to work to help EPA develop ENERGY STAR as a vehicle for promoting comprehensive ESCO projects. Drafted a manual for ESCOs, reviewing new versions of EPA tools and promoting the use of EPA tools in various state proceedings.