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NAESCO Advocacy Report

Second Quarter 2008


  • Participating in legislative and regulatory initiatives in MA, NY and NJ that will increase energy efficiency programs by 3-6 times. Participating in the development of Future Capacity Markets in New England and PJM that will open new funding sources for large amounts of EE and DR.


  • Participating in regulatory and legislative efforts to initiate and implement large new EE programs in IL, IN, OH, MI and OK. Working to assist in the implementation of PC programs in IA and KS. PC training programs scheduled in IL and MI and under development in other states.


  • Working with various national and regional organizations, including ACEEE, Environmental Defense, NRDC, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Energy Futures Coalition and Alliance to Save Energy to modify the Duke Energy Save-a-Watt proposals in North Carolina and South Carolina. NAESCO has testified in Public Service Commission proceedings in South Carolina, held several meetings with Duke Energy and has met with North Carolina public officials to educate them about Save-a-Watt.
  • Monitoring and participating in proceedings to develop large-scale EE programs in MD, TN, and FL.


  • Working with the ESC and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Partnership (SWEEP) to reform performance contracting legislation in Arizona. Legislation has passed the House and is progressing through the Senate.
  • Participating in multiple California Public Utility Commission proceedings that will determine the scope of the 2009-2011 utility EE programs. Proceedings include strategic planning, savings goals, EM&V protocol development, solar and renewable energy incentives and 2009-2011 cycle program plan development.
  • Monitoring the initial project implementation of the DGS state building PC program and assisting ESCOs to provide feedback to DGS.