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  • Contact: Cory Perdue
  • Title: Founder & CEO
  • Location: Frederick, MD
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Energy Service Affiliates


Datakwip brings a unique perspective to the NAESCO community — for years, saving energy in buildings has been a complicated and costly process. Datakwip solves this problem. Overnight, our cloud-based platform starts providing ESCO customers real-time building intelligence to economically detect, implement and continuously verify energy and emissions savings saving — without the hassle and expense of installing extra hardware. Turning every piece of energy-intensive equipment into its own energy meter with our virtual sub-metering, our platform intuitively displays the data from these meters in an interactive online portal, so customers can unlock their building’s performance potential. Datakwip is partnering with leading ESCO’s to provide their customers the most cost-effective energy solutions, from IGA’s to real-time MBCx as well as overall operational optimization solutions. A partnership with Datakwip will significantly enhance your energy services.