December 12, 2016, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

When upgrading your exterior site from HID sources to LED Lighting, if you assume that “equivalent lumens” means “equivalent lighting” you will be wasting energy and providing a sub-optimal design. This paper will guide you to make informed decisions minimizing energy usage while still providing safe, secure and appealing lighting. As facilities continue to retrofit aging metal halide and high pressure sodium sources with LED technology in exterior applications, designers and others need to be able to determine what really qualifies as equivalent lighting levels. Lighting with LEDs requires a mind-shift from traditional thinking. If done correctly, the result can overcome compromises we have been forced to live with for the last 100 years that have negatively impacted our visual experience.

This presentation addresses many of the common misunderstandings about outdoor lighting, and reviews a number of design considerations including safety, security, wayfinding and aesthetics while providing insights into lighting for surveillance cameras and a detailed explanation about how the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code impacts outdoor lighting.


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Contact: Heidi Walters