Undertaking a comprehensive energy efficiency facility retrofit is a complex project with an array of suppliers and technologies all impacting your future energy savings. An energy service company, or ESCO, can offer the expertise and resources to guarantee long term success for your facility, by fully integrating all areas and aspects of your project. HVAC, lighting, windows, doors, insulation, boilers, controls, metering, all come together seamlessly when your project is managed in partnership with an ESCO.

Your partner ESCO will also handle energy audits and the complicated projections for determining your multi-year savings, as well as advising you as to your potential future savings beyond the term of your contract. And, working with an ESCO offers the fiscal advantage of financing your energy efficiency retrofit entirely from the realized future energy savings, via an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) or Energy Service Performance Contract(ESPC) thereby sparing your facility the need to pursue upfront allocated financing. If you have facilities spread across multiple locations, an ESCO can project manage all your locations under the same contract. Your ESCO is committed to a productive multi-year partnership, and to delivering an energy efficiency retrofit resulting in savings over the full life span of the  energy efficiency measures installed and operating in your facility.