December 11, 2017, 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

The "blue light" content of LED outdoor lighting products has received much public attention over the last year and a half.  Like all broad-spectrum or “white” light sources, LEDs have higher levels of blue, or more precisely, short-wavelength content than sodium vapor technology, the current dominant light source used in street and area lighting. Issues have been raised with regard to potential biological and other impacts of this short wavelength content that could stem from the ongoing replacement of incumbent sodium products with LED. Unfortunately however, the issues being raised involve many extremely complex topics that do not translate well into a sound bite format, and common misperception and mischaracterization of these issues has been the result.  This webinar will touch on the complexities involved, clarify that the issues under discussion are nothing new nor unique to LED, and will further attempt to put the associated risks into an appropriate context.

Gain a basic appreciation of the issues involved and associated complexities of having blue content in lighting sources (including interior as well as exterior use).  Understand that risks cannot be adequately described in simple sound bite statements, nor can they be adequately addressed with simple sound bite solutions.  Obtain a general perspective on how the associated risks are likely to fit in the context of our everyday lives.

Bruce Kinzey has worked in energy efficiency and renewable energy for 31 years as a research engineer at PNNL.  He joined DOE’s Solid-State Lighting team in 2006, originally managing the GATEWAY technology field demonstration program, subsequently developing a focus on street and outdoor lighting applications and associated issues like blue light content.  He is presently serving as Chair of the Illuminating Engineering Society Sky Glow Calculations Committee.

This course has been approved for 1 CEU by AIA.

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