June 27, 2022, 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

Presented by: Zachary Hart, Associate Director, Building Performance Policy

Zachary Hart is the Institute for Market Transformation's Associate Director of Building
Performance Policy. He leads IMT’s work helping U.S. local governments adopt and implement
policies and programs to reduce energy waste from their building stock. Zack also supports local
governments’ energy efficiency strategies through the American Cities Climate Challenge and
the National Building Performance Standards Coalition

Building performance standards (BPS) are state and/or local laws that require existing buildings
to achieve minimum levels of energy, climate, or environmental performance. Since 2018, ten
U.S. jurisdictions have adopted BPS policies, with more policies currently in development. In
January 2022, President Biden and the White House Council on Environmental Quality launched
the National Building Performance Standards Coalition, an initiative representing more than 30
local governments that have committed to adopting building performance standards and
complementary programs and policies by April 2024.

This trend represents a major opportunity for those energy service companies and
manufacturers and vendors of energy-efficient technology that are poised to meet the surging
demand for energy-efficient products and services that BPS policies are designed to induce. In
the presentation, the Institute for Market Transformation, a nonprofit that has worked with
over a dozen jurisdictions on the development of BPS policies and published the first and only
model law for BPS, will guide the audience through an overview of the current BPS policy
landscape and its likely future, highlighting key opportunities for the ESCO industry.

Learning Objectives Include:

1. Attendees will learn to identify a building performance standard (BPS) and how it
differs from other building performance policies, such as energy codes, benchmarking
requirements, and energy audit laws.

2. Attendees will learn how the existing BPS laws are structured and what the
implications are for their customers in the real estate industry.

3. Attendees will learn about implementation strategies, such as high-performance
buildings hubs and financing and technical assistance programs, that jurisdictions are using to
enhance the success of BPS laws.

4. Attendees will learn how to leverage publicly available datasets to identify the
properties that will be most affected by BPS requirements for business development.

Contact: Michelle Yoon at 202.822.0950