July 25, 2022, 2:00 - 3:00 PM Eastern
Webinar/Virtual Meeting

Presented by:

April Frakes, Director of Commercial Business Development, Aeroseal

John Harrington, Director of Application Engineering, Aeroseal

In the past, methods of detecting duct leakage were either labor intensive and carried a high cost, or they ran the risk of not providing an accurate estimate, thereby affecting paybacks. New breakthroughs in auditing technology now allow for a cost-effective and highly accurate way to assess duct leakage in commercial buildings.

Learning Objectives Include:

1. Historical understanding of HVAC/duct leakage auditing methods
2. Knowledge of the science behind new duct leakage auditing technologies and how they are performed in the field
3. Understanding the advantages of new auditing technologies over old methods
4. Updates on other HVAC efficiency technologies available to ESCOs to improve paybacks


Contact: Michelle Yoon at 202.822.0952