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The Coalition of Energy Services Associations (CESA)

Coalition of Energy Services Associations (CESA) is a USAID-supported non-profit organization founded by three active Jordanian associations playing a critical role in the energy sector in Jordan; Jordan Green Building Council (JGBC), EDAMA for energy, water and environ- mental solutions and Renewable Energy Establishment Society (REES). CESA aims to impact the energy sector in the region, by working with sector stake- holders including energy service providers (ESPs), energy consumers, the government, investors, donors and financing firms. CESA’s activities are driven by the need to build a thriving market for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. It will help consumers to reduce the burden of their energy expenditures, increase the profitability of Energy Service Companies, and support the government in its plans to enhance energy efficiency and increase use of renewable energy resources. Etimad® is a voluntary Energy Services Providers (ESP) Accreditation program. It is a transparent and rigorous system, built to improve trust between consumers and ESPs – one of the main pillars of market growth for energy solutions. Accredited ESPs will improve the performance of their business, increase their competitiveness, and expand their market opportunities. As consumers become aware of the value of accreditation, they will seek out accredited ESPs to implement their energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.