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Synapse Wireless, Inc.

Synapse is an Internet of Things (IoT) company, founded in 2007. We are focused on making environments smarter, more connected, and more controllable with a holistic chip-to-cloud full stack lighting control and energy management solution called SimplySnap. Built on Synapse’s reliable, secure, and scalable wireless mesh network, SimplySnap is deployed in industrial facilities, parking lots, garages, distribution centers, factories, horticulture and sports facilities.

Our solutions allow LED lighting-industry partners, facility, and energy management teams to improve site performance while illuminating and eliminating waste. Advanced monitoring and reporting allow operators to implement ongoing process improvements that pave a clear path toward both profitability and sustainability goals.
We help lighting designers, building owners, energy managers, and facility managers reduce the amount of energy required to operate their facilities.

Today, our solutions have been deployed in hundreds of thousands of centrally controlled high-density applications with over 2 million nodes installed, and more than 40 wireless IoT patents granted. We offer the easiest to use IoT controls in North America. We are owned by McWane, a company with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, who has provided a complex and fertile ground for developing our field-proven technologies.

About Synapse Wireless Inc.
Synapse Wireless, Inc., a member of the McWane family, is an Internet of Things (IoT) company, focused on customer profitability through sustainability. Our team of craftsmen seeks to make environments smarter, more connected, and more controllable with holistic energy management systems like SimplySnap. Our performance optimization approach along with sophisticated insights and intuitive controls provides a reliable, scalable, and simple platform to reduce energy consumption and drive smart business decisions. We sense, analyze, and control, by revealing waste and risk. Learn more on, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.