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  • Contact: Trace Clifford
  • Title: President
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
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Energy Service Affiliates

LED Indy

A commercial LED lighting company that takes on lighting and energy efficiency projects to upgrade existing lighting and control systems. Each day we set out to increase our recognition for fulfilling the lighting and energy savings needs of the communities and industries we serve. The result of our work is that properties are safer, more attractive, and more efficient. Projects done with LED Indy each year have the environmental impact of taking over 1,000 cars off the road. We take care of the details, and make your switch to new LED fixtures as smooth and effortless as possible – as well as make sure you take advantage of all possible lighting rebates from your energy providers. LED Indy is a registered trade ally of the Duke Energy $mart Saver Program, the IPL Business Energy Incentive Program, the REMC Power Moves Commercial & Industrial Program, and the NIPSCO Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program, among others.