A recent Syserco project was awarded California Association for Recreation and Park Districts' Distinction for Environmental Excellence: Energy Efficiency/Solar Energy Project.

Details of the project entailed: 

Solar Energy Generation Project:  Completed in Spring, 2021, LARPD, with support from its Contractor, Syserco and energy developer SSI DevCo, LLC, built a covered parking structure, on top of which are arrays of solar voltaic systems. The structure is owned and maintained by SSI, and LARPD incurred no capital outlay to build the structure. As well, SSI and LARPD agreed to set prices that LARPD will pay for the energy that is generated by the solar arrays at $0.165 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for a 34 year term. Key project data points include:

a. Cost: $0
b. Energy savings – $60k per year (which grows each year in line with energy prices and which is in addition to savings identified for the ECM project above)
c. Net Energy Consumption: combined with the ECM project, the RLCC is now a zero net-energy consumer

Date Posted: 6/27/2022