2014 NAESCO Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

June 25, 2014 - Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Impact of the Changing Utility Landscape on Energy Efficiency Investment

The NAESCO Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting is a forum for a candid appraisal of the winds buffeting the utility industry and their impact on the energy service industry. The meeting will consider whether, in the face of overall declining load growth as well as the need for improvements to existing infrastructure and expanded system resiliency, ensuring utility profitability may require major business model changes going forward.  Also on the workshop agenda are sessions on upcoming changes in EPA regulatory oversight, the political landscape as mid-term elections change the profile of state and federal lawmakers, and major energy efficiency initiatives underway in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Workshop Session Highlights:

  • Repositioning the role of the utility may require revisiting the obligations underlying the utility monopoly franchise
  • If utilities can’t justify building new plants and energy efficiency cuts energy usage, how do utilities increase their profits?
  • Will Superstorm Sandy and other recent mega natural disasters boost the use of CHP and microgrids for large baseload customers and what does that mean for utility profitability?
  • Are significant utility infrastructure upgrades too expensive in terms of impact on ratepayers?
  • Does the extreme winter weather experience in 2014 change the paradigm for ISOs like PJM as they assess long term planning resource needs?
  • Do utility efforts from Arizona to Maine raise the standby charges for residential PV systems resonate with utilities nationwide?
  • Will regulators and utilities continue to look to rebates and incentives to stimulate energy efficiency market growth and development?
  • How do changes in utility thinking and planning affect the existing ESCO delivery model?
  • Can utilities manage a dispersed information infrastructure like the Smart Grid and do they really want to take on that role?
  • With over two thirds of the gubernatorial seats up for election in 2014, what might that mean for energy efficiency investment in state and local government markets?
  • Assessing the likelihood of comprehensive tax reform in 2014 and the chances for extension of the 179D deduction
  • Expanding energy efficiency investment in the Mid-Atlantic States
  • Pushing the use of ESPCs for transportation efficiency improvements

NEW! Site Visit: Maryland Environmental Service / Constellation Energy Demonstration Solar Project

Please join us for a Site Visit to the Maryland Environmental Service / Constellation Energy Demonstration Solar Project. The solar system consists of a 270 kW ground installation array and a 30 kW thin film roof installation. Combined, the systems produce approximately 50% of the electricity needs of the MES headquarters building as a yearly average.  Over the 15-year term of the project, the solar power system will displace an estimated 10 million pounds of CO2 emissions. The Site Visit is free for all registrants, and includes transportation. Sign up when you register for the meeting!

Who Should Attend?

Utility Power Sales, Energy Efficiency Program, Marketing, Customer, and Strategic Planning Managers; State Energy Program and Facilities Managers; State Contracting and Procurement Officers; State and Federal Energy Policy Officials; ESCO Representatives; Financial Institution Representatives; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Vendors; and, and NGO Representatives.


Baltimore Marriott Waterfront 
700 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
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