NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 1, 2019) – Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., a global leader in lighting and a member of the Panasonic Group (headquartered in Nashville, TN) recently won an esteemed award in the Electrical Distributor (tED) Magazine’s 2019 “Best of the Best” Marketing Awards Competition. This year’s award winners were announced during the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) 2019 Adventure Marketing Conference at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN.

Universal Lighting Technologies was recognized for its “Best of the Best” Touch to Tune Product Launch (Supplier Less Than $250M). Entries were judged on their overall effectiveness and creative impact by an independent panel of marketing and industry experts chosen by tED Magazine. The award acknowledges marketing excellence and creativity within the electrical industry across several marketing and communications categories.

As LED fixtures fall out of the warranty period and components wear, LED drivers may need local replacement. Universal’s goal was to create a Touch to Tune solution focused on a wireless technology allowing distributors to quickly identify and program (or “tune”) a replacement EVERLINE PW driver to the optimal output current to match other drivers in the same space.

“Industry recognition from NAED and tED Magazine is truly an honor – especially in the city we are headquartered. We are delighted with our new Touch to Tune solution and we wanted to develop all the right marketing support for our Distributors to pursue this emerging market opportunity,” said Susan Phillips, Universal’s Vice President of Marketing. “At Universal, we are focused on a relentless commitment to supporting our partners. We are thrilled by the industry-wide recognition of our LED driver replacement solution.”

With the internal collaboration between product management, sales and marketing, the team developed a strategic plan mapping critical items required for a successful launch. A distributor friendly counter marketing package was developed including an acrylic unit to show the simplicity of how to tune and re-tune a driver at the counter for a curious installer.  The marketing launch material helps Touch to Tune distributors identify the driver needed, stock the most common drivers and provide installers with an over-the-counter tuning solution.

Touch to Tune Distributors can program the output current, minimum dim current, dimming curve, full bright control voltage, minimum dim control voltage and dim-to-off voltage. The solution uses EVERLINE PW LED drivers now available in linear and compact can size options. Universal offers the PW drivers for this solution in 7 SKUs covering a comprehensive range of can sizes from compact to linear.

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Date Posted: 8/2/2019