General Services Administration (GSA) Region 5 recently awarded the largest project to date under FEMP's ESPC ENABLE program to Honeywell—with a total implementation price of $18.5 million and total financed contract value is $24.6 million. ESPC ENABLE was designed to permit a standardized and streamlined procurement process to install energy conservation measures (ECMs) in six months or less. The GSA project includes a courthouse, a federal office building, and a parking garage in Detroit, Michigan, with ECMs consisting of converting from district steam heat to gas boilers in the courthouse and federal office building, and lighting in the courthouse and parking garage. This project used an ENABLE Enterprise Approach to facilitate an effective, efficient process for undertaking the project. GSA and Honeywell also took COVID-19 considerations into account, as part of a special provision included in the awarded contract.

Date Posted: 10/22/2020