Annapolis, MD—January 28, 2021 —RealTerm Energy, a North American leader in energy efficiency projects announces that it is now a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) qualified Energy Service Company (ESCO).

As a qualified DOE ESCO, RealTerm Energy can compete for energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) issued by federal agencies, with assurance that the company has the baseline technical, management and financial capabilities required for such projects. Additionally, RealTerm Energy has been vetted by DOE and the Federal Energy Management Program for its ability to contribute to federal energy and cost reduction goals.
RealTerm Energy joins the roster of DOE certified ESCOs as one of the few offering turnkey LED Smart Lighting Services for outdoor and indoor applications. RealTerm Energy specializes in smart lighting controls and can upgrade any LED lighting application for increased energy and cost savings.  Furthermore, it is the only company in North America offering a full suite of smart city solutions to small and medium-sized municipalities, including its soon to be released Smart City knowledge network.  Additionally, Realterm Energy is a pioneer in the smart building space, having developed and marketed the Brainbox AI solution, which delivers up to 25% energy savings to all building types with little or no capex required.
RealTerm Energy offers financing & incentive/grant sourcing, particularly through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). With its ESPC, RealTerm Energy customers can launch an LED lighting project with no upfront capital. The energy savings generated are typically enough to finance a project in its entirety without requiring additional capital funding.

“I’m proud of our team.  What a great honor for RealTerm Energy to be part of the DOE’s qualified list of ESCOs,” said Angelos Vlasopoulos, CEO at RealTerm Energy. “Our mission is to develop and implement the smartest technological solutions to deliver the most value to our customers, saving them time, money, and energy, while positively impacting the environment and connecting the people who live in it. Our team has worked very hard over the last 5 years to help over 300 municipal clients across the U.S. and Canada go green.  Being on the DOE’s qualified list of energy service companies is not only a testament to what we have already accomplished, but an important step to making and even larger impact in reducing energy and operating costs, while significantly and positively impacting greenhouse gas emissions at the federal, state and local government levels.”

Date Posted: 2/28/2021