Mifflinburg Area School District’s Energy Project is guaranteed to save over $19.5M

McClure Company provided a solution for Mifflinburg Area School District to reduce their energy costs. With a project guarantee of over $19.5M in project savings spread over 20 years, the District embarked on a renewable biomass heating project and other facility improvements measures.

A biomass heating system efficiently burns biomass fuels, typically wood chips, and utilizes the heat for the District’s HVAC heating system. Working with McClure Company, the District installed a custom designed, highly efficient biomass boiler system to serve their Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School complex. The system is fueled with wood chips, which are grown locally in Pennsylvania and provided by a local supplier.  Overall, the wood fuel costs the District approximately one third less than their previous oil expenditures. Additional energy saving measures include District Wide LED Lighting upgrades, District Wide Building Envelope upgrades, and other sustainable measures.

Mifflinburg Area’s innovation in making the District more energy efficient is an important step toward reducing fuel costs and saving tax-payer money through a guaranteed energy saving project.

Date Posted: 2/28/2021