Naperville, IL

SnapCount and EiKO have furthered their partnership with the addition of EiKO’s Z10 wireless control compatible lighting products in the SnapSource™ Product Hub enabling hundreds of lighting retrofit contractors and ESCO’s to instantly access and specify EiKO’s products.

Backed by the industry’s most prominent ESCO’s and retrofit contractors, the SnapSource Product Hub allows manufacturers such as EiKO to feature their product lines for direct specification from within the SnapCount retrofit platform. As a result, SnapCount users can search, price, quote, order and install products from their preferred vendors digitally.  Manufacturers gain increased product exposure and gain data-driven insights into facility retrofit and product demand trends.
Of the furthered partnership with EiKO, StreamLinx COO Jeff Seifert stated, “EiKO is a well-respected provider of lighting solutions to the retrofit industry and our customers have enjoyed the easy access to their product specifications and pricing” said Jeff Seifert, COO of SnapCount. “With so many retrofit projects including controls and sensors as a key requirement, EiKO’s support of Z10 offers customers a powerful way to future proof their implementations.”

Dave Schenk, Vice President of Sales at EiKO stated, “We are excited with the launch of our Z10 controls ready products, the need in the industry to allow an agnostic approach to controlling light is the driver for the Z10 alliance. Advantages for our distributors stocking Z10 Enabled fixtures include the ability to stock a base fixture that offers an easy way of selling controls from simple sensor to low energy mesh to EiKO’s Xi-Fi which does not require any significant modifications or complicated integration. For our contractor partners using Z10 Enabled fixtures installation and service is simple and fast, significantly reducing labor costs. Our continued partnership with SnapCount will ensure that ESCO’s and lighting contractors can easily specify EiKO’s solutions through SnapSource and participate in the explosive growth of the retrofit industry.”

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Date Posted: 8/19/2021