EMPEQ Unveils New FastSiteSurveyTM Data Capture & Reporting App to Transform Commercial Building Equipment Audits
Using AI, the FastSiteSurvey app cuts time needed for commercial and industrial equipment site survey and reporting by up to 80%.

THACA, NY – July 19, 2021 – EMPEQ, a software development and financial technology company serving the commercial HVAC, energy engineering, and building equipment industries, today announced the commercial launch of FastSiteSurveyTM, a seamless equipment data capture application that is revolutionizing commercial and industrial building equipment audits and enabling energy efficiency professionals to complete more projects in a fraction of the time, more accurately, and at a much lower cost.

Equipment audits are standard practice for corporations and building owners to inspect and inventory their equipment to understand current efficiency, usage patterns, and utility rebates or incentives. These audits can be used for analyzing potential repairs, identifying opportunities to replace equipment to increase efficiency, and cutting energy costs. Historically, energy engineers, HVAC contractors, and technicians who perform these audits use handwritten notes or manually typed forms, while also taking photos of equipment. These professionals often need to return to the site to reinput incorrectly captured data and fill in gaps lost through misplaced paperwork or files, making it a time-consuming and costly process for them and their customers. For these highly trained professionals, it is particularly inefficient to have them conduct digitization and data entry for their employers or customers.

The innovative FastSiteSurvey technology is transforming this process, so that professionals can spend more time completing projects and less time organizing data and paperwork. With EMPEQ’s all-in-one solution, it reduces the time needed for auditing and reporting by up to 80% and improves accuracy through instant digital data collection and cloud storage.

FastSiteSurvey is designed to make energy engineers’ and HVAC contractors’ jobs more efficient, accurate, and cost effective by:

• Boosting efficiency with quicker site surveys which allows for faster turnaround on proposals, inspections, and reporting – ultimately completing more projects in less time.
• Eliminating costly mistakes through digital data collection and the elimination of the traditional pencil and paper data capture process.
• Offering a competitive advantage for professionals to greatly reduce their customer acquisition costs while significantly increasing margin. The FastSiteSurvey technology also allows energy professionals to acquire more business, faster, as more business leaders and building owners seek sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

“At EMPEQ, we understand how hard energy efficiency engineers and contractors work to provide their customers with accurate and cost-effective equipment and energy audits because we’ve been there ourselves,” said EMPEQ CEO Herbert Dwyer, who has completed over 300 energy audits himself. “Based on our own experience with over 500 equipment audits and the feedback of over 100 industry veterans, we designed the FastSiteSurvey technology to help our customers conduct faster, more efficient audits of critical equipment in commercial properties.”

The FastSiteSurvey technology is easy to use and only takes a few simple steps to complete an audit:
1. Snap a photo of the equipment with your smartphone.
2. The technology uses EMPEQ’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately incorporate important equipment data, such as manufacturer, model, location, serial number, and even equipment specifications into one cloud-based platform to use right away, archive for later, or send to your favorite software.
3. FastSiteSurvey automatically inputs the data into an easy-to-read report that keeps the information organized for future use and to reference off-site.
4. Your entire team will have access to this equipment data and reporting through FastSiteSurvey’s secure, central platform. Easily manage virtual teams or work with your customers to, finally, complete a true virtual and accurate audit.
5. Download the comprehensive report and send it off to the customer to close the project.
For an exclusive look inside the FastSiteSurvey technology, click here.

About Empower Equity (EMPEQ)
Incorporated in 2016, EMPEQ is changing the way commercial and industrial contractors and engineers audit and finance customers’ critical energy equipment and infrastructure projects. EMPEQ is a software development and financial technology company that provides energy engineers and HVAC commercial contractors an all-in-one equipment data capture software and personalized financing solution to complete projects in a fraction of the time and Close More Projects FasterSM. For more information, visit www.empeq.co.

Date Posted: 9/29/2021