The City of Dublin sought a comprehensive partner to help meet their short- and long-term goals. Developing a master plan for the City was needed for them to make informed decisions on phasing and prioritization. Initial efforts leveraged the quicker payback scopes like LED lighting and controls retrofits to help pay for larger replacement items like HVAC package units across the city.

As part of a city-wide energy efficiency and resiliency project currently in construction, 22 intersections in Dublin are receiving backup power sources. These lithium-ion and fuel cell systems will ensure major intersections do not lose power during outages. This project was developed in conjunction with the City’s Climate Action Plan and their Emergency Operations Plan. Collaborating with the City, Willdan created a path that leveraged guaranteed utility savings to pay for larger energy infrastructure upgrades.

We also developed several microgrid projects to keep the City’s critical systems operational during a blackout while shaving peak utility demand charges. Many of the city’s parks and ballfields had antiquated lighting and irrigation. The lighting had poor coverage, quality, and consumed a lot of energy. A modernized system was designed with photometrics to optimize output and saving a large amount of energy.

Scope and benefits include:

  • 1.4 MW solar across 10 sites
  • Solar & battery systems at 4 sites (microgrids)
  • Building & park stadium LED lighting
  • Citywide HVAC & controls upgrades
  • LED streetlighting
  • Traffic signal battery backup (22 intersections)
  • 30+ EV charging stations (City fleet and public use)
  • $430,000+ in rebates and incentives
  • Nearly $700,000 in annual savings

Budget: $21.2M

Date Posted: 4/4/2022