Midwest Regional Meeting 2013

June 6, 2013 - Morrison Conference Center, Chicago, IL

Disagreements over the Direction of Future Energy Policies Heat Up: Can Competing Economic Interests be Resolved?

Why Attend the NAESCO Midwest Regional Meeting?

The meeting will examine the evolving role of energy efficiency in a region where the expanding awareness of the benefits of investment in alternative energy resources is offset in part by the availability of inexpensive natural gas and relatively limited historic regulatory and utility EE program commitment. The workshop sessions will focus on the notable regional successes in making public buildings more energy efficient in a time of severe public sector capital constraints, assess the impact of national energy efficiency policies and programs on regional energy efficiency investment, and explore the impact of global economic growth on energy production and pricing trends going forward.

Session Highlights

This is a great time to attend a workshop focused on the rapidly changing market environment.  Sessions will focus on key market, macro-economic, and political developments directly affecting the ways in which your company sets and meets its strategic goals both in the Midwest and nationwide.  Session Highlights include:

  • What the Outcome of the Political Fights over the Environmental Impact of Shale Oil and Canadian Tar Sands Means for the Pursuit of the Goal of U.S. Domestic Energy Independence
  • How an Evolving Utility Industry May Change the Current Market for Energy Efficiency
  • Why the Political Fight to Eliminate the RPS and EEPS is Spreading Nationwide and What it Means for Chances to Meet Federal and State “Green” Mandates
  • The Impact of the Global Economy on Energy Consumption Patterns and Future Fossil Fuel Extraction Investment
  • Congressional and Federal Regulatory Updates on 179D Tax Deduction, SEC Rulemaking on Municipal Advisor Registration, and Current Legislative Initiatives
  • Reacting to Severe Budget Constraints, States Pursue Energy Efficiency Initiatives in the Midwest
  • The City of Chicago’s Pursuit of Energy Efficient and Green Objectives

NAESCO gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors:


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