Member company Southland Energy - a division of one of the nation’s largest mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) building systems companies, Southland Industries - is a national provider of performance-based energy and infrastructure solutions. By leveraging integrated engineering and construction expertise to reduce clients’ operating expenses, renew their infrastructure and make their facilities more resilient throughout their lifecycles, Southland Energy employs a self-performance project delivery model to develop cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Three examples of Southland Energy’s projects include:

  • California | Culver City Unified School District - Over three summers starting in 2018, Southland Energy partnered with the district through a lease-back agreement to implement a $28M design-build infrastructure upgrade project that included installing air conditioning across four campuses to help improve comfort levels and student learning environments. Each campus was more than 40 years old and did not have the infrastructure in place to support the new air conditioning. Additionally, all of the work had to be completed within an eight week schedule each summer to ensure that air conditioning was available at the start of each school year.

    When the project was completed in September 2020, Southland had installed 58 variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, 198 fan coils, a new Energy Management Control System (EMCS) and significant electrical and structural upgrades to support the new air conditioning. Our in-house team of mechanical trade workers, foreman, engineers and project managers worked seven days a week and two shifts per day to ensure that the work was completed on schedule and on-budget. Additionally, Southland implemented various energy efficiency measures to help offset some of the operating costs of the new air conditioning.
  • California | Pasadena Unified School District - During the summer of 2019, Southland Energy partnered with Pasadena Unified School District to upgrade a failing central chilled water and heating plant at Longfellow Elementary School. The $2.3M project, which included expanding the footprint of the existing school plant and installing new high efficiency variable speed chillers, cooling towers, variable speed pumping and a new EMCS, was completed in 10 weeks while the school was occupied. Utilizing in-house resources enabled us to streamline the design, equipment procurement and project installation to ensure we met the PUSD’s tight construction schedule without exceeding the budget.
  • Georgia | Warner Robins Air Force Base - Southland Energy partnered with Georgia Power to develop, design and build a $23M new central compressed air plant that, when complete in February 2021, will achieve 48 percent reduction in energy use, 99 percent reliability and 2N redundancy while providing compressed air to 40 mission critical aircraft maintenance facilities across the installation.
Date Posted: 1/15/2021