BG's Beginning | A Facility Solutions Company
Established in 1959, The Brewer-Garrett Company (BG) began as a small design-build and HVAC service firm with big ideas and innovative solutions for the mechanical marketplace. Within a year, BG nearly doubled its revenue, gaining traction through securing large contracts and respected industry awards such as "Contractor of the Year." In the succeeding years, BG has continued building a strong business based on quick response, quality work, and customer satisfaction.

BG Today | An American-Owned ESCO
Today, BG is an American-owned ESCO that provides engineering, design, installation, and operations and maintenance services to federal, commercial, and industrial clients across the US. Our extensive in-house team allows us to partner with clients to co-author solutions that help them obtain resiliency, improve infrastructure, comply with mandates, and achieve energy goals. Our team has the expertise to handle complex needs of any client by offering comprehensive solutions for:

  • Energy Services and Performance Contracting
  • Design-Build HVAC and General Construction
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • HVAC & Electrical Service
  • Integrated Facility Services
  • Utility Sourcing
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
  • Design-Assist Services
  • Behavior-Based Energy Programs
  • Project Finance

In the last few decades, BG has stayed true to its design-build roots; however, a large portion of BG's growing businesses has been in energy savings performance contracting. It was natural for BG to lean into energy projects because of our dynamic resources and design-build background paired with the growing market for dedicated energy services. As a result, every performance contract BG completes is through a design-build approach that consistently meets energy guarantees. BG's sound solutions achieve significant building infrastructure improvements at no net cost, produce immediate positive cash flow, integrate the newest technologies, and utilize independent funding sources.

BG Future | Next-Generation Energy Services
Our next-generation energy services stay ahead of the constant change in technology and demand.

BG continues to design and install highly resilient energy savings performance contracting (ESPC) projects navigating evolving utility markets and leveraging the latest technology, with no predetermined equipment supplier. BG consistently incorporates energy resiliency efforts within ESPC projects. Brewer-Garrett's in-house engineering and construction professionals have experience with a wide range of distributed energy resources that, when properly designed and controlled, significantly enhance resiliency with energy storage options. The application of microgrid controls, renewables (i.e.-solar, wind), energy storage, CHP, and traditional generation assets has enabled several BG ESPC clients to obtain highly resilient capabilities such as optimization and curtailment strategies, black starting, and islanding.

In addition to cutting-edge energy project development and installation, BG is constantly looking to leverage the most advantageous contracting model for clients. Recently, this has included Energy as a Service (EaaS). Through this model, BG can continue to provide deep energy savings and increased system resilience with the client using zero “out of pocket” expenses. EaaS enables clients to dedicate their staff and resources on their core competencies while BG focuses on providing all services pertaining to reliable and affordable energy. EaaS programs can also help clients address a wide range of facility improvements. This can include LED lighting and mechanical upgrades to electrical vehicle charging and battery storage.

Contact us today for energy management services designed to increase resilience and reliability, while enhancing your savings.

Date Posted: 4/1/2021