2G is the global Combined Heat and Power (CHP) market leader. 2G works on traditional CHP projects with natural gas for energy savings and, in turn, carbon emissions savings. Globally, half of the 2G fleet has been deployed on a type of renewable fuel, namely biogas. 2G is also exploring other energy alternatives and net-zero fuels for its CHP projects, including synthetic natural gas (syngas), renewable natural gas (RNG), and hydrogen – fuels that will contribute to the efficient and affordable decarbonization of the industrial and buildings sectors. In fact, 2G is the first CHP project developer and equipment supplier to deploy CHP plants that 100% fueled by green hydrogen globally. Focused in the ESCO space, 2G is an equipment provider and operations and maintenance (O&M) partner working with the majority of ESCOs to deploy equipment into their projects and service them over their lifetimes.

Leading the Pathway to Net Zero

While CHP may be traditionally viewed as a carbon consuming and producing technology, 2G is forging the pathway to net-zero. Indeed, CHP is a fuel-driven technology. However, carbon neutral and carbon negative fuels are becoming more readily available, making renewable -- truly net-zero --CHP applications possible. 2G has deployed more of these projects than any other turnkey CHP provider.

Serving the ESCO Community

2G serves the ESCO community broadly. From municipal microgrids, where the CHP product has been deployed alongside batteries and solar technologies for both energy savings and resiliency, to veterans affairs hospitals and United States Air Force bases, we've worked across the spectrum of large-scale ESCO projects to support our ESCO partners in delivering guaranteed facility performance enhancements and energy and emissions savings to the end customer. 2G seeks to stand behind the ESCO and backstop their risk to the end customer, going so far as to execute 23-year 160,000-hour CHP operational service agreements. That guarantees the long-term performance of that asset in the field.

By the Numbers

  • 2G has deployed over 250 projects in the North American market and 7,500 projects globally.
  • 2G has a very broad product line. From 60 kilowatts up to 2.5 megawatts, we can deploy in a modular fashion, up to 20 megawatts. The 2G product line has been optimized for “plug-andplay” microgrid functionality.
  • 2G has successfully commercialized a hydrogen-fuel capable version of its highly efficient, fieldtested agenitor type engines typically used in its natural gas and biogas CHP systems, with numerous commercial field deployments in operation around the world. 2G’s hydrogen CHP plants are highly optimizable, compatible with a variety of fuel types and available for delivery as “ready-to-connect” container solution. Otherwise, 2G’s incumbent natural gas systems are field retrofittable to run hydrogen up to a 100%.

Why 2G

2G remains focused on ESCOs. Even through our maintenance agreements, we provide backstops on partner ESCO’s performance contracts in a way that guarantees partners will realize the savings they are promising the customers. As an equipment vendor, 2G stands behind its products so that ESCOs have better field performance. 2G offers modular microgrid ready, fuel-flexible CHP systems that are designed for the ESCO market. 2G takes a collaborative and consultative approach to working with ESCOs and remains focused on deploying a vast product line to support ESCOs and their projects.

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You can learn more about 2G work on their website and follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Date Posted: 12/20/2021